30 July 2011 -- Weston Super Mare
Best one yet! They were mad down here -- a real old punk gig!

29 July 2011 -- Southampton
Another fun night. Great to see some old faces (ahem) and hear opinions. Seems we're doing okay!

28 July 2011 -- Newcastle
Newcastle -- THANK YOU! Brilliant as always! Now for a 7-1/2 hour drive!

27 July 2011 -- York
A few broken strings... Some technical difficulties... Still a fun night!

25 July 2011 -- A Few Days Off
On our way to York -- and for a few days off...

24 July 2011 -- London
A fun night. Met up with Mr. Ogilvie -- first time in 20 years! Broke a few strings -- OOPS! Now it's on to York and a few days rest!

23 July 2011 -- Bradford
A few technical difficulties tonight -- LOL! Thanks to all who came... On to London. See you up there!

22 July 2011 -- Bournemouth
Another good one -- loud bunch! Tired the night, buy YAAH! Bradford the marra -- see ya up there!

21 July 2011 -- Burntwood
It was a great night at Cottage of Content in Burntwood. The crowd was louder than we were! We're going to have to play there again -- very soon! Thanks for everyone who came out!

20 July 2011 -- Northampton
Northampton was magic! Great singing from the audience -- but I still hate Gate 49! If anyone has photos or videos, and you want them posted, let me know. Burntwood the marra... See you up there!

27 June 2011
Henry can't wait to "Return to Gate 49" with his solo acoustic tour! We'll be posting updated photos and videos soon!